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Why it's more important now than ever to get online, with someone you can trust

You may be wondering where I have been these last few months and why my writing took a hiatus? It has been an interesting time this 2020. I have been working behind the scenes with many businesses helping them get setup with a website ready to sell and making sure their online presences are looking good.

What this time has taught me, is that while I have been busy there has always been time to reflect and to consider family - work/life balance. You know that saying, we are here for a good time not a long time, well I make every day count. And that is my hope for my clients too.

What's been happening in the digital marketing world?

  • Google is knuckling down on Google My Business accounts that have no street address, or businesses without a physical location people can go to.  Don't fret if you work from home, while accounts are being closed down, I urge you to check if you have an address on your listing. Click here for Guidelines from Google on representing your business online.
  • Facebook has changed the look and feel, for better security and a more user friendly experience - I guess it will get friendlier with time. The big change for me is the complexity around boosting posts, one step at a time. You can now also boost posts in Groups, for Pages users can choose if they want to follow and see you highlights, all posts, or turn off notifications.

An increase in online presences

Now is the time to consider getting your business online, the stats show online sales are continuing to go up. People are spending more of their money in New Zealand than overseas online stores. Key areas are:

  • Furniture, housewares, hardware
  • Clothing footwear, accessories
  • Pharmacy, Cosmetics, Stationery, Antiques, Flowers 

Download the full NZ Online Retail Report from August below. If you would like to talk about your online options, or your website needs a refresh to be more user friendly, then please get in touch.


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