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We are proud to have worked on websites for these Kiwi businesses

Baywide Equipment

"Kath built a new website for our business, Baywide Equipment. She took the pain (& my terror) of the process away. She understood our business and what we needed from a website straight away. We ended up with a beautiful looking, highly useful website. 100% recommend OMG Solutions NZ."

What would you tell someone who's on the fence about building a new website?
Speak with Kath!
- Sally Whyte, Baywide Equipment

Flight of Imagination

"Kath did a great job on our website. She created an excellent product with great online presence and provided an excellent professional and efficient service, with a can-do attitude. I am very happy with the look and functionality of the new website."

What would you tell someone who's on the fence about building a new website?
If you develop a good site the positive results for your business can be fantastic.
- Mark Haydock, Flight of Imagination

Matt Stent Insurance

"I would highly recommend using Kath to build a website to anyone, her eye for detail and help along the way was great. Kath was super helpful and patient with me being it was the first website I have built. The whole process was great! My new site is going to help direct people to my new business and provide them the details around our services and how to make contact."

What would you tell someone who's on the fence about building a new website?
I would advise them to go to Kath as I have had my website live two days and the comments I have received already are hugely positive.
- Matt Stent, MSI Insurance

Te Amo Atawhai

"Being a new business we needed a website up and running quickly to meet external demands, the experience was very positive and we love the result of our website.  Kath is a fast communicator, creative, experienced and great at what she does. If anyone is sitting on the fence about building a new website - go for it, only positives will come out of it!"
- Shanae Mihaere, 
Kaitohu Whakahaere (Managing Director)

Hart 2 Heart

"Kath from OMG Solutions is exactly what I needed when I wanted to update my website. So pleasant and professional to work with. She just got it!

With her connections of photographer, copywriter and other specialists she was able to give me my dream website. It was seamless process with all the wheels working in sync. She was so good to work with offering direction, coaching along the way.

It was an emotional experience seeing the finished result, exactly what I dreamt it would be. My new website will attract the clients I would like to work with by having a focused approach to my new offerings. Thanks Kath, you're a superstar!"
- Denise Hart, Hart 2 Heart

Denise's thoughts on moving website platforms:
Updating content on my website now with Rocketspark versus Wordpress has made life 100% easier. I used to procrastinate about not wanting to work on my content or uploading blogs is now seamless. In fact after having a one on one session with Kath from OMG Solutions today OMG I have with much excitement updated my website immediately. It’s so super easy!

Denise's thoughts if you're sitting on the fence about changing your website:
If you have new products, services or want to showcase your new focus or direction this is worth the investment to attract the right people at the right time.

The Acorn Project

"We have been incredibly lucky to have the support of Kath who has set up and designed our website for us to ensure we can meet as many people as possible, so they know what we provide, and how to access our service. The website has generated donations and connected us with potential volunteers which are so valuable to us. Kath has provided her skills free of charge, and introduced us to Rocketspark who are supporting us with our platform at no cost, which is incredible and enables us to share our information to those who need it the most.

Many companies that reach out to us and other supporters have commented that they have looked at our website and really like, here are some quotes from visiting companies:  ‘The layout is easy to use and very clear. Your website really reflects the organisation well. Has all the information and no fluff. Easy to navigate. A great website.’

We are thrilled with our website, the format is everything we wanted and more. We had no idea where to start but we knew it needed to be bright, calm and professional and Kath supported us every step of the way. We have established a strong foundation here in Hawke’s Bay, and we are ready to build on this great foundation to reflect what we have been doing and show more depth to our charity.

We know whatever we need in terms of help support and inspiration, Kath is our go to person who makes it all easy and effortless. We know we are in good hands and have recommended her to so many people too."

- Kerrie, Founder

CASK Spouting OMG Testimonials

The B.R.A.V.E Foundation

"As a new charity we needed a place to send people who wanted to know more about us, including funders and people wanting to donate. We wanted a platform that was professional - and safer than social media.

Our new website will allow us to share what we are doing with potential funders, and provide a more formal place for people to make referrals or seek support regarding sexual harm. It will also help us when we go into the community and promote the services of our charity.

What really went well for us at the end of the day, was the relationship I was able to form with Kath. Having met her through her role with BBBS, I knew that I could trust her to build our website. Kath was incredibly patient and flexible during the build. I appreciated her attention to detail and honesty. It helped particularly as I got fussy with minor details as we got closer to going live. She takes pride in her work, and you can see that in the final results.

Kath made all the hard stuff about website builds feel easy. As someone who doesn't understand the components of website builds, she broke it down into bite size pieces for me.

Super easy to collaborate with. Kath felt very genuine throughout. She was very interested and took the time to understand the fundamentals of our service so she could build a fitting website.

Kath overall is a great person to work with, easy to get along with and bounce ideas off,  a great listener, and a great creative eye."
- Vanessa, Founder

Tauawhitia Trust

“There is more to building a website than 'just' the technology - it's important to have someone who takes the times to get what you are about and buys into the approach.

As a new charitable trust we needed a clear way of communicating who we are, and managing donations and funding requests. The new website is fundamental to how we will engage with people, and critical to reaching out to our communities.

Kath provided clear advice and expertise, she was friendly and responsive. We loved her expertise, approach, passion and really couldn't have asked for better.”

What would you tell someone who's on the fence about building a new website?
There is more to building a website than "just" the technology - it's important to have someone who takes the times to get what you are about and buys into the approach.
- Paul Gordon, Tauawhitia Trust

Health & Safety Tailored For You

"Our old website was lacking professionalism and we wanted to update it so we could gain more interest in our specific services.

The process was easy, Kath was very easy to engage with and highly responsive."
- Brad White, Director

Tararua REAP

"We went for an upgrade to the Rocketspark platform because our site was outdated.  With a fresh new design we are now able to update our website easily ourselves, and keep content fresh.  Our website will be able to give up to date information to interested customers, which will help increase exposure and brand awareness. Thus making a real difference in the Tararua community by delivering and supporting all.

Kath is great at what she does. She has in-depth knowledge of Rocketspark and designs websites that are professional, functional and visually pleasing. She is great to work with, completes the job in the time promised, is honest and a clear communicator. We appreciate Kath's professionalism, experience, and relaxed easy manner, it feels like she wants to truly help rather than just take your money. Highly recommend."
- Rebekah Charlton, Tararua REAP

YMCA Hawke's Bay

"Our website allows us to provide information to our community about current and upcoming activities.  A main focus for us is the online link for booking - this is where customers go to book for after school and holiday programmes. The website is a platform where we can tell our story.

Kath did a great job of creating our website as we were not very clear about what we wanted, we were really unsure.  She provided us with ideas and we got a website that meets our needs.  The best thing about our Rocketspark website is that it is very easy for us to edit ourselves."
- Annette, CEO YMCA Hawke's Bay

Overhaul of old and outdated website, plus addition of online forms makes life easier

"Kath listened to what we wanted and brought our ideas to life, creating a website we are proud to show off to employees and clients nationwide. Kath is a great communicator and explained things even a technologically challenged person like me could understand, she was awesome at understanding exactly what we wanted. I look forward to working with her in the future and would suggest OMG Solutions to anyone looking to update their existing website or create a new website for their company. Amazing service. Thanks Kath!"
- Courtney Mihare, Custom Care Nursing Ltd

Kath led us proactively, quite brilliantly, and we are left with a product we feel will succeed

"After hatching the idea for 65 Not Out in late 2016, we had total faith in our product, but the 'clunky' subscription model and difficulty people had finding their way around the website, meant we had to change what we were doing.

In 2020 we began working with Kath who has proactively led us quite brilliantly. We now offer a Book and interactive Companion Workbook that people can use, again and again.  The new website is simple to use, easy to follow to purchase the material, and looks fantastic. We are absolutely thrilled with the outcome Kath and her support 'team' have achieved."
- Barry and James Rosenberg, 65 Not Out

CASK Spouting OMG Testimonials

Website refresh on Rocketspark provides Denise with an easy to use platform for making changes herself

"Kath redesigned our website, it was in need of refreshing and modernising and Kath worked patiently and thoroughly with me every step of the way. We have ended up with an open, fresh and friendly website that reflects who we are in the market place. 

The website is so easy to use and make changes, which is great. Thanks Kath, I really enjoyed working with you.  I’m grateful that you are still on hand for the odd thing I may need your help with."
- Denise Gray, Beauty Sensations

A website refresh with new platform provides enhanced customer experience

"Back in 2015 Kath built our website and in 2020 she has done it again!  With time has come new website features that we can now make the most of on the Rocketspark platform, most importantly a better functioning mobile site. Kath has been amazing to work with and we couldn't be more pleased with the work she has done for us. Nothing was too much trouble, she explained the technical details in simple language, was proactive in suggesting improvements and super efficient in her delivery timeframes. Our project went really smoothly and we couldn't be happier."
- Aaron Duncan, Freenergy Solar Solutions

New website polished and modern

"Our old website was tired and not performing so needed a revamp. Kath was very easy to work with, and was happy to make changes as we went along. She was very patient with the changes we made, she also had good suggestions and was very professional. We really like the modern and polished new NZBL website, a big thanks to Kath and the team at OMG Solutions."

What would you tell someone who's on the fence about building a new website?
Give OMG Solutions a go.

- Vanessa, NZ Bulk Logistics

Our new website is a step up, it's fresher, clearer and easy to navigate - a must have for business online today

"As non-creative, numbers based people, we appreciated the time Kath has dedicated into understanding our business and our target audience and paired that with her creative elements to get our messaging 'out there' via our website. The website is a step up from the old one. It's fresher, clearer and easy to navigate."
- Dean and Sandra Tiffen, Helm Business Information Systems Ltd

An update to Toddy's website saw him with a fresh looking, mobile friendly site

"As something of a recovering technophobe it was reassuring when my CRM platform needed to change and when the Toddy Talks website was in need of a refresh it was great to have Kath take the reins. She listened, understood what the end result of the process was and what the budget to get there was - then she delivered.  And kept it simple. The website is a step up from the old one; fresher, clearer, and easier to navigate. Thanks Kath."
- David Todd, Toddy Talks

An out of date website on a hard to manage platform sees move

"Kath has been working with us on our digital marketing since 2016, most recently redesigning our outdated, non-mobile friendly website. We appreciate her attention to detail, creativity, and commitment to enhancing and growing our online presence. Thanks Kath."
- Debbie and Peter Ogier, Ogier Chartered Accountants Ltd

New website clearly articulates business 

"Kath was amazing, she was very accommodating and patient with us all as we did take our time getting what was required! 

Our old website was a bit basic and our new one shows all our Team divisions, with the ability to see what we each team does individually. It has been set up so we can adapt and change as needed.

Would defo recommend Kath to anyone :-)"
- Lou Grinstead, The Team

A professional looking online presence helps CASK be found online

"Our website is now 'clean' and easy to follow, it is visually engaging and you are not visually flooded with writing The entire process was stress free and easy to do from my end. Kath was extremely patient waiting for me to send her the info that was required to help build the website. Our new website puts us on the web and allows people to find us easily in Google. I was very satisfied with the entire process."
- Carly Pell, CASK Spouting

A fresh new website and booking system takes business to the next level

"My old website was outdated and not working correctly. I love how clean, fresh and modern it is now. Everything is neat and easy to read, and there is still a lot of information on there. Kath heard what I had to say and was very quick to respond to ensure it was just how I would like it. I believe my new website will help grow my business and get my name out there. Kath was fantastic!"
- Heather Barrow, Food for Life

Airride NZ didn't have a website and for customers to find them online this was an important move

"It's simple and easy, everything went smooth, which made the process easy. The website was completed fast and to a good standard." Thanks Simon, it was fab seeing all the work you do on American Cars!"
- Simon Duxfield, Airride NZ Ltd

A website refresh, mobile optimisation, training and support

"Kath understood exactly what I was after and put it in place immediately. The look is much cleaner and professional. I can now continue to update and add to it with Kath’s support."
- Joanna Monteith, Consult Ltd

A website foundation for growing reputation

A Rocketspark website was the perfect transitioning site for Supercue as Rebekah and Marya start a major move to impact the fitness of sensiors NZ wide.

“The website process was undertaken with ease, Kath had good communication, was good at listening to what we wanted and responsive to apply changes we needed.”
- Marya and Rebekah, SuperCue

Supercue OMG Testimonials

A website upgrade sees increase in sales after two weeks

"Nicola and I love how Kath has personalised our website and given it a much more user friendly format... Everything was well communicated and the whole process went without issues from our end.  We have had a lot more enquiries since upgrading the website, so money well spent. Would recommend OMG to anyone looking to upgrade their website. Thanks so much."
- Sefton Truuts, Air Control Hawke's Bay Ltd

Website e-commerce upgrade sees sales soar

"Working with Kath is a fantastic experience. She works with you to identify your needs, responds quickly and leaves no stone unturned. Our new website has been created to ensure maximum exposure, is easy to navigate and looks professional. Our clients love that it integrates our booking system and is informative. We love the fresh, modern look that shows off the brilliant photography."
- Fiona Ritchie, Simply Indulgent Beauty Therapy

Marya knew how to do some things when creating a website, but time and patience was another story

"Thank you so much Kath for my beautiful website. Although I had some of the skills and knowledge to do it myself, the time, patience and expertise was another matter. I really appreciated your patience and understanding in taking my ideas and turning them into something I'm proud of. Thanks for understanding and speaking my "non-techy language", not making me feeling stupid, and growing my confidence."
- Marya Hopman, Optimal Me

Website update to the 21st Century

"Kath from OMG Digital Marketing Solutions just upgraded my website and man what an awesome job she did. I highly recommend her to you all. She turned around a non-functioning and non-performing website for better results, efficiently."
- Paul Teddy, Triple T Services and Recovery

Setting up a business website and presence from scratch online

"Kath made everything a lot easier and was quick and efficient. The images have a wow factor about them, giving the website an interesting look. There's nothing I would change about this job, we are highly satisfied."
- Shaun and Pip Moloney, HB Saw Doctors

Website landing page, resources, support and traininig

"I engaged Kath to help us set up a landing page for our business, she gave me great resources and talked me through the process so that now I am well equipped for future websites. Kath is extremely patient and knowledgeable, an absolute joy to work with."
- Denise Hart, Kereru Lodge Hawke's Bay

A new website to help Heli Ag's customers find them online

"We had no online presence, our first reaction to the new website was very positive, it's modern and easy to navigate. It’s hard to tell straight away but I like the fact if we are searched we will be able to be found online."
- Matt Wilson, Heli Ag Ltd

Mobile website and online presence sorting out gives new life

"You listened to what we wanted and set about looking at the different options. When finished our website looks very professional and explains in detail what we are all about."
- Merv Lovesy, Simply Springs Ltd

Logo design and online presence development for new business

"I recently started back into my own massage business again and Kath was invaluable.  She was friendly and easy to work with. Kath has a vast knowledge in everything she does and great way of explaining things in an easy to follow way.  I would highly recommend Kath to others and will continue to use her services when required.  Thank you for all you have done."
- Robyn Gross, Robyn Gross Massage

A landing page site, with Facebook feed to showcase gigs and live music

"Finally a web site creator that listens and delivers on my needs - and on time with minimal fuss and maximum accuracy! Highly recommended!"
- Andrew Donnelly, Shirt & Skirt Live Music

Shirt and Skirt Testimonials

Mobile friendly to showcase homegrown book

"My new website is easy to follow, anyone can go to the website and understand exactly what Stories in Action offers.  I loved working with Kath because she is collaborative, and offered ideas to enhance the site visually.  Kath is very clever with the way she got right in my world and gave me exactly what I wanted."
- Robin Kermode, Stories in Action

A fresh website for new business focus

"I would like to say a huge Thank You to Kathleen for completing my website.  I would highly recommend her for any and all website / social media services. She is extremely professional, efficient and creative with her work. Kath was able to take my brief ideas and create an amazing new website for my business."
- Tina Oliver, Eyes and Ears for Learning

A new mobile friendly website with copywriting to showcase the success of this Hawke's Bay business

"My first reaction to our new website was very positive. It is easy to use and looks professional. And it was excellent value for money. Thanks Kath".
- Donna O'Connor, Fire Equipment Hawke's Bay Ltd

New business online presence works cohesively

"I’ve been working with Kath Boyd for some years now and she really is great to work with. She’s friendly, relaxed, a real techno-whizz for your online marketing and everything is completed in double-quick time. So whether you need a modern mobile-enabled website, Facebook, Linkedin or anything else online, Kath is the one for you! And it’s all at a very reasonable price too!"
- Nick and Anne Roberts, Ear Suction Hawke's Bay

Working, experimenting and providing what is needed to look great and work well online

"Kath has been really great at supporting me in learning how to make the most of having my website work. She's always encouraging, patient and quick to respond.  I loved how Kath experimented and looked for ways to try new things until she got exactly what I wanted and even better than I could have imagined!"
- Jeannette Lazette, Vintage Orders 

New business owners in Mobile Car Valet industry get set up

"I was starting my own business.  Kath built my website and set up my Facebook for my new business and I couldn't be happier. I was so excited to click the link Kath sent me for my new website, I think I may have opened it 10 times in first hour... Website looked fantastic and super user friendly. Kath is an amazing person and made the setting up of the website stress free and super simple from my end. Highly recommend."
- Mitch, Mobile Car Valet Tauranga

Getting new business online simple

"Kath made the whole process of getting my new business and social media online very simple. Having all the hosting and servers set up for me streamlined the process. Very happy with the results and advice. I will definitely use her services again in the future."
- Kieran, Mobile Car Valet Mount Maunganui

An easy process and it's helped establish my business

"Kath was brilliant. She talked me through the process and made it easy. Kath helped with the branding by setting up Powerpoint and letterhead templates also.  Overall it was an easy process and helped to establish my business. The website has had a soft launch so not had a lot of traction yet - watch this space."
- Nicola Thompson, The People Geek

Ear Suction HB Testimonial - OMG Digital Marketing Solutions

We created a new one page website and set up Google My Business for ease of access for customers

"Having Kath design and build our website has been a stress free and easy process. Our website looks amazing. She took our ideas and turned them into a work of art. Highly recommend."
- Nick Durney, HighChill Refrigeration Hawkes Bay

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