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Master your business digital marketing

Training and support for beginners

If you are starting out in business or keen to upskill and handle more of your digital marketing yourself you can book in for a one-on-one training session.

You'll be left feeling empowered and equipped with what you need to begin managing your digital marketing yourself.  When questions pop up we are just a phone call away to support and walk you through the answer.

  • Mailchimp
  • Rocketspark
  • Canva
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook.

Digital marketing consulting

Whether you are new to digital marketing for business and need help understanding how it works, or you are a seasoned user looking for strategy or management techniques, OMG Digital Marketing Solutions can help you. 

We don't just focus on one aspect of your digital marketing, we connect them all together so you are in place for the best possible outcomes.

Training clients is rewarding, here are just a few of our success stories

Guidance and patience builds Lani's confidence in managing social media

"I would love to recommend Kath to anyone who is struggling with social media for themselves or their business. I have had people who overloaded me with information, but Kath sat with me, and just let me learn at my own pace. I am already much more skilled and confident and about to have some more sessions as I consolidate what I have learned and stretch out to learn more. Perfect!"
- Lani Morris - Map of Meaning

Explaining things in easy terms helps understanding

"We met Kath around 2015 when she was doing training seminars for Facebook and other marketing tools. Kath had the ability to explain things in easy terms (even I can understand) and is very knowledgeable and she has been a great help with our journey. Kath always has a smile and nothing seems to be too much of a bother to her. And - she gets things done promptly which is always a bonus. We still have Kath on board as our go to marketing person and we hope our working relationship continues for years to come."
- Pete Jordan, Director, Mobile Car Valet (NZ) Ltd

Words of wisdom and guidance will make a massive difference to our online presence

"Thank you very much for all your words of wisdom last week - I really appreciate your time and guidance. And thank you also for the valuable information you have sent through in the two emails you sent. Thanks again and talk soon."
- Sarah, Dementia Hawkes Bay

Abundantly Well-Testimonial

Mailchimp training in plain English helps Mel get her head around its functionality, with great results

"I'm so grateful to you for explaining things to me so well. I feel so much more confident now using Mailchimp. I had a big play after we spoke and got my head around things.  Thanks so much!
... Just wanted to say thank you again for last week.  I'm a total numbers geek and so loving all the stats from my newsletter. Nearly 80% of respondents read the email and I had a lot of people complete the survey too. Yassss!  Thanks so much."
- Mel Lewis, Kiriwai

Providing support while working alongside boosts Michele's knowledge

"Kath has been working alongside both of us to suggest changes, provide new insights and ideas, and implement these for both of our websites and business Facebook pages. She has patiently guided us with her extensive knowledge and experience in social media and website design. This was no mean feat considering we had limited knowledge of how to go about this!

Thank you Kath for always responding promptly and for your ongoing support! You are very easy to get along with."
- Ken and Michele Nysse, Abundantly Well

LinkedIn - Get Your Glow On - Training programme creates connections for local business people

"Kath certainly knows what she's talking about. Her professional knowledge, informative tutorial videos and continued support throughout the Get Your Glow On training programme, has enabled me to confidently take my LinkedIn account from a "basically stagnant with only a few connections" level, to an active account that I regularly use in my business. The videos have been incredibly helpful and I often refer back to them, thanks Kath for delivering such a fantastic training programme."
- Tania Boshier Jones - Electric Turtle Design

Seeing the big picture and providing training helps Robin's business - Stories in Action - grow

"Kathleen has been able to see the big picture for my business and recommend digital marketing systems I can use. She has also sat beside me and contributed to the way I use these. She is always looking out for what is next? She is super efficient. I would recommend her to anyone who wants their business to grow quicker than the norm using online tools."
- Robin Kermode - Stories in Action

Mailchimp, Canva and Facebook training

"Thank you so much Kathleen for your invaluable help. I specialise in nutrition – not technology! I found I was spending far too long trying to work out how do things. I’m so glad that you speak in simple terms that I can understand. Following your guidance I am now much more confident in managing my website and producing professional (and popular!) Facebook posts."
- Alison Cowell - Healthy Eating

Are you ready to take charge of your digital marketing in-house?


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