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David Todd: Toddy Talks

Be prepared to learn how to do things differently

Name: David Todd
Business: Toddy Talks
Years in business: Nine

Key services:

  • Sales Training (Relationship Based)
  • Independent Facilitation
  • Team and Culture Development
  • Professional MC

How Toddy is contributing to our community:

  • As part of the Rural Support Trust I have been active working with the Rural Advisory Group and Civil Defence Emergency Management on Drought and COVID-19 relief response efforts. 
  • My latest blog post is designed to give people 10 Lessons we are learning during lockdown that will be important to carry into the “new normal”.
  • I’m also deliberately staying out of people’s faces while they get their head round what’s next for them. There will be a time and a place for my skill set.

Three key tips to thrive:

  1. Look after yourself - eat well, exercise, have a routine, minimise your exposure to mainstream media ( PTSD was worse post 9/11 in people who over indulged in the media than in those who were in the Twin Towers) and be kind to those around you.
  2. Know your numbers - Personally look after your health (blood pressure, pulse, weight etc) and Professionally - key indices in your business need to be front of mind, accurate and known to your key advisors (Banker, Accountant, Mentor/Coach if you have one). As we re-calibrate there is less room for guess work. Gut feel is still valuable but you need to know your numbers.
  3. Keep an open mind and be prepared to learn how to do things differently.

David Todd
Toddy Talks


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