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Supporting you amongst COVID-19, and resilience in unprecedented times

OMG Digital Marketing Solutions Support and Resilience

I am here to support you and your business in these unprecedented times. If you need messaging put up on your website, an email sent to clients, or a post for social media; detailing how your business is dealing with COVID-19, and anything your clients need to know please get in touch. I am happy to provide this service free of charge for you until the end of March.

I have done a little reading up on resilience, and would like to share a couple of links that may be of interest to you, and my top five tips, read more below.

Take care, you are in my thoughts and please let me know how I can be of service to you.

Supporting you in COVID-19 times - OMG Digital Marketing Solutions


Traditionally, personal resilience has often been defined as how we bounce back from difficult situations. However, this definition doesn’t encompass the true breadth of resilience skills and their many benefits.

To ensure the definition of resilience includes all aspects, let’s modernise the definition to this: Resilience is about advancing despite adversity.

Read more on Advancing Despite Adversity here.

We are complex beings. Therefore, it makes sense that there are a great many different factors that contribute to resilience including: beliefs we hold of the world, of ourselves and others; information we have access to; biases, skills, and education; mental processes and behaviours. To make sense of all of these, it’s useful to group related components into domains.

These six domains have functions on their own, but they also influence each other. Just as strengths in some domains can compensate for weaker domains, so too can weakness in one drag down others. It is worthwhile for us to pursue personal development so that we are strong in all areas and effectively well-rounded.

Read more on the six domains here.


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