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12 Tips to keeping customers... happy

Nearly six years in business and I ponder how have I retained clients who have been with me from the start.. not only keeping them happy but achieving happiness myself?  

Here are my top 10 tips:

  1. Be yourself - don't beat around the bush trying to be someone you are not to
  2. Get interested - your client's have a life outside of work too, take an interest
  3. Be curious - ask questions and get interested, you may naturally be inspired and learn something new
  4. Personal contact - send out to your database but also keep the personal contact alive, phone calls and personalised emails go a long way
  5. Remember to laugh - business can be mixed with humanity, show client's your sense of humour
  6. Add value - you know that little thing that will take you five minutes and your client 30 minutes... go above and beyond on occasion and make their day
  7. Do not over promise and under deliver - there is nothing worse than letting a client down so ensure you set realistic expectations
  8. Get it in writing - contracts, pricing, job details, ensure it all goes down on paper to save misinterpretations
  9. Look after yourself - if you are not on form you cannot perform, it really is that simple
  10. Have a support crew - family or friends, have at least one person you can run ideas past, debrief with when you need
  11. Create a network - regularly meet with likeminded professionals, connect and share your business wins/losses
  12. Share - by not operating in a dog eat dog world, instead sharing your knowledge and connections freely, we support each other in prosperity.

The bonus of following these tips:

I get to enjoy my business, my clients and each and every day that I go to work. I'd love to hear your tips for happiness in business and customer retention, do get in touch.


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