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Another digital marketing hangover

Don't get a hangover from your digital marketing

If you were just another hangover, baby I'd already be over you!

The reality for some businesses is, digital marketing can seem like a good night out with the hangover the next day... that's if you even make it out the front door. 

A typical night out could go like this: 

  • 4pm - You decide today is a good day to begin digital marketing for your business (let's head on out).
  • 5pm - You are procrastinating because you don't know what to wear and where to go (what platforms should you be posting content on).
  • 6pm - You have completed your research (you know what social media channels your target audience is on).
  • 7pm - It's time to get ready; you make sure your profile is looking good, correct contact information and a great profile photo, links are there for people to get in touch (you are beginning to figure out your way around the social media platforms).
  • 8pm - You are ready to hit the town (with a post).
  • 9pm - But you have no one to go with, you're not confident to talk to strangers, and you are beginning to doubt this was a good idea after all (writing and sharing a post).
  • 10pm - You figure you will just give it your all and head out on your own (posting content you are not sure is right).
  • 11pm - The party is really going now, and you feel like you have been left behind, in a crowd, so much noise, (no one can hear your message).
  • 12am - You start to talk to people not really knowing what to say or how to communicate your message, people just are not getting it (social media is all about engagement).
  • 1am - You wonder how to take back that last comment, you hope it will all get easier as you stumble home (ok, I am old and don't get out a lot, so 1am is really late!).
  • 6am - You wake up and wonder where it all went wrong.

You know everyone is doing social media, and you don't know where to start, you spend hours trying to figure it out and end up getting nowhere.  You know it is important to your business, you know you need to figure it out, but you're just not sure where to go.

If this sounds like you, perhaps you would like some coaching in social media to get the basics under your belt with Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, please get in touch because we all deserve a good night out... without the hangover!


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