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Life and making a difference

As most of my clients are aware I have been on leave for the last week. I have spent this time reviewing The Landmark Forum in Auckland. I was fortunate to meet 117 individuals out to transform their relationships, businesses, families, communities and more. I am so grateful I was in a room full of connection, love and possibility. There were no barriers between any of us; not the Tongans, New Caledonians, South Americans, Russians, Maori, Kiwis, Muslims, Catholics, Atheists, Anglicans, not the 19 year olds, the 30 year olds, or the 60 year olds, nor the gay, straight and bisexual amongst us. 

What we looked liked, how old we were, our sexual orientation, and what we believed in did not even get a mention in our conversations, for 42 hours we were all connected by being a part of the human race. 

And, I got to realise that I too belong. I don't need to pretend that I'm strong and independent and have it all together. In fact, I don't even need to pretend that I am not strong and don't have it all together. Because I do, and creating a persona to fit in just doesn't work. What a relief it was to know I don't need to pretend, or go it alone. We are so much stronger together. 

It was a real eye opener tonight when Boydy (my husband who is a police officer) came home from work with a loaded gun on his belt, and a bullet proof vest on. Here I had been with humanity and connectedness, where there was nothing between people except love, and I came home to a different reality.

This is not the world I want for my children, my mum, my sisters, my friends, my clients, my colleagues, and my extended family. The Landmark Forum has made a profound difference in my life, it has given me love, effectiveness, power in my relationships, the ability to empathise, to be playful, and most of all to be adult as possibility.  

There's no such thing as later, we need to stand together, to be strong right now in this moment. To be someone who makes a difference in the lives of others. I don't want to go to my grave saying "she was nice, and lived half a life", I want to help shape our young people, shape families, and businesses, and to make a difference. Let's all have lives that we LOVE, work that we love, families that we love, possibility, connection, peace, and joy.


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