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Add your Website to Google Search

Formerly Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console is another free service provided by Google. The tools and reports help you measure your website's search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make your site shine in Google search results.

You can see what queries bring users to your site, submit sitemaps for crawling (by Google Bots) to ensure Google is kept up to date with all new content on your site and receive alerts by email if Google finds any issues, and more.

Adding properties to Search Console

If you are setting up your own account, ensure you add all your properties, this includes:

  • http://yourdomain
  • http://www.yourdomain
  • https://yourdomain
  • https://www.yourdomain

Then add all versions (as above) for any subdomains you have.

Not all website companies will add your website properties to a Google Search Console when creating a site, if you are an OMG Digital Marketing Solutions client, rest assured we do.  If you're not, it would pay to check with your web provider to ensure this has been set up, so you can make the most of the free valuable insights Google Search Console can provide.

If you have any questions on Google Search Console, please get in touch.


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