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The Power of Online Reviews

Online reviews are a no brainer when it comes to Google because as people get more savvy with its use, they are going to look for their peers experiences before making a move. One way they will do this is checking out any reviews that have been left online.  So after your job, appointment, project etc is complete you can easily send people direct to your Google My Business Page with a simple link. Don't be afraid to ask, most people will be more than happy to leave a review.

I'd love it if you would like to leave a review for OMG Digital Marketing Solutions, please click here.

How to create a link for customers to write reviews

To create a link from Google Search:

  • On your computer, search for your business on Google.
  • Find your business listing, click into it and the Google Map view will open.
  • Copy and paste the URL you see in your address bar into your email or social media post with a request.

When the recipient clicks on the link, they will be prompted to login to Google with their details, then they can leave their review.  

If you have any questions, please get in touch.


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