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Digital marketing is just marketing

My first job was at an advertising agency back in 1997 and the type of tools we used in our marketing strategies included print ads, flyers, billboards, radio, and direct mail, with sources of distribution being newspapers, radio, and tv. This was around the same time the concept of ‘digital marketing’ emerged and we saw the birth of Yahoo, Google, Alexa, SixDegrees and more.  Then the 2000s hit us with Wordpress, LinkedIn, MySpace and Facebook hitting the scene.  Social as a means to market your business online begin to emerge. 

So why 20 years later are some businesses finding digital marketing such a mountain to climb? 
Perhaps it is our own perspective holding us back?  I certainly wasn’t an early adopter, I tested the waters slowly, mainly concerned about the sharing of personal information. And many business owners I work with today too took this approach, in fact some still have cold feet.

It’s not going to work
Change can be a scary thing, jumping into the unknown.  Unfortunately holding the same perspective in regards to your business marketing now can be damaging, as a younger generation of business owners and marketers come on the scene, those who do not have the same perspective us older generation hold.  They are not fazed with learning and implementing this new and evolving digital marketing technology.

Put those concerns at rest
Given that marketing is the action of promoting and selling products or services, the only thing that has changed over the years are the tools we use.  You still have your four P’s: Product, Price, Promotion and Place, and you will still have an overarching strategy for your businesses. You just have digital now.

Imagine your marketing wheel
If your marketing strategy was a wheel, digital would be one spoke in it, and it is an important spoke to have.

Confusing terminology holding you back?
Don’t let terminology like social media advertising, Google advertising, remarketing, email marketing, sales funnels, or social profiles confuse you any longer.  Remember, they are spokes in your marketing wheel.  

Find someone you can trust to work with your business, as these tools are too important to neglect as a means to grow your business, share your services, sell products online, and share your story with the world.

Just do it 
I am sure most of us remember Nike’s Just Do It campaign, and while it’s a pretty world out in the digital marketing world with many bells and whistles available, it is not necessarily wise to jump right in.  Do your research before you begin a relationship with a digital marketing company, ensure they will put you and your businesses needs first.

If you have any questions at all, I am happy to chat.


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