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6 Steps to creating compelling content online

Unique and frequently updated content makes search engines happy. There are many varied opinions about how much content is the right amount of content and how often you should post.

What I urge you to consider is that quantity comes second to quality. If you write content that is useful, relevant, imaginative, and thought provoking you are building your reputation and that of your company.

It takes time to write great content, which will naturally impact on how often you are putting it up. You want your content to cover a variety of areas and will need to write it for the platform you are using, eg. website, social media, email marketing.

I suggest that a blanket approach (where the same content is posted on various platforms) is not conducive to building your reputation. For sure, use intro snippets and drive people to your website, but tailor it for that audience.

The impact of long drawn out content can mean you lose your reader before they get your message. Once you have written your content, review it and review it again. Keep on track.

Measuring what is working for you against your objectives is crucial when producing content. Over time you will be able to see what your audience engages with the most, and tailor your content more specifically.

  1. Give up worrying about how much to content write
  2. Create relevant, thought provoking, and imaginative content
  3. Take time to write great content
  4. Keep your content on topic
  5. Measure the results your content is getting
  6. Tailor your content to your audience.


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