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5 Common mistakes businesses make on Facebook - and how to avoid them

Social media often brings with it connotations of wariness and "what should I do". Because Facebook changes so quickly it can leave even the Facebook savvy business owner in a muddle.

Here are 5 common mistakes businesses make on Facebook and how to avoid them:

1. Not using Facebook insights to gather data on your audience - Use Insights
A multitude of information can be gleaned from using the Facebook Insights. They help with understanding your audience and break down who, what, when and where they are accessing your profile. You can use this information to assess the type of content that appeals and fine tune your offerings to the audience.

2. Not responding to or deleting posts and comments - Respond to everyone
Social media and Facebook is all about engagement with your audience. As you are building or growing your brand, the number one thing you want to be doing is responding to those who share with you. Making sure you respond to all messages and posts, even if they are negative ones is the opportunity to increase your engagement and grow your brand.

3. Posting too much or not enough - Create a content calendar
Don't flood people's newsfeeds with "stuff". Think quality over quantity. Create a content calendar so you know what you are going to post and when, this helps ensure consistency and is a good record. You can then coordinate this with insights to really get an idea of how often to post, the type of content you are sharing that works. It is also useful to combine all of your social media channels in this plan.

4. Not posting high quality images - Use the correct size for Facebook and higher resolution
Don't use low quality, small fuzzy images on your posts, it does your brand no favours.

5. Not having a completed profile - Complete all the fields possible
It is the smart business that has all their information on Facebook. Should someone wish to get in touch, they shouldn't have to go to your website for further information. Complete your profile as much as possible, include a photo, cover image, website, location and phone number.

If you need help optimising your business Facebook Page, please get in touch.


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