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Everything you do on Facebook starts with your page

How your business Facebook page appears to others is important to your brand.  

Half finished pages, incorrectly sized imagery (too small and pixelated), fuzzy logos, all of these can have a negative impact.

Complete as much information as possible, not just to complete it, but to take it to a high level.

Create engaging posts and content that people will find interesting and useful.  

Your industry will determine the type of content you post.  Remember you can also think outside the square and consider what your customer and potential customer is interested in and post content along these lines. 

You don't need to start from scratch each time, consider sharing industry related content from well curated Facebook pages.  Don't over do this though, you still want to have more of your content than others on your Facebook page.

Think of Facebook as your shop front to the world, and do what you would do in real life online too.


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