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How to stop procrastinating - it's really quite simple

Success comes in many shapes and sizes.  As a business owner one success measure I have is a 'profitable business'.  And the one thing that can get in the way of this is my habit of procrastination.  From experience I know that if I stop procrastinating I will get more done.  I stop being busy and start being productive, which in turn results in more income and a more profitable business. Change your habits and you will go from being busy to productive... what's not to love!  Stopping procrastination is quite simple - are you ready to see how?

First up, take just one day out of your work week and jot down exactly how you spend every single hour (break this down to quarter hours for a clearer picture).  Notice a pattern?  I am willing to bet if you are like the majority of us, there is a lot of time spent on tasks not geared towards generating income.   Remember, the power for success is in your hands.

Once you've spent a day writing down what you do, put this info aside then follow my top five benefits on why it PAYS(e) to stop procrastinating below, and see the results for yourself.

  • PRIORITISE - You get more done. 

I’m all for a to do list, it is great to prioritise what needs to be done.  Just don’t spend half the day making your list, five minutes tops is all it needs to take.  Put the jobs you really don’t want to do at the top, follow with jobs in order of importance.  Then... start working your way down the list.  No matter how tempting, don't start with the little jobs or the easy ones!  I guarantee it will take you a long time to get to the important and least favourable jobs.  ‘Eat that Frog - 21 great ways to stop procrastinating’ by Brian Tracy is a book I highly recommend reading.

  • ACTION - You aren’t living in your head.

When you are doing what needs to be done, taking action after action on your (already prioritised) to do list, you are not in your head thinking about life, money, relationships, children etc… you fill in the gap.  As soon as an errant thought or job, not particular to what you are doing, pops in your head - write it down.  Keep a notebook or your phone handy and get those thoughts from your head and on to paper. 

  • YAHOO - You go from being all over the show to being organised.

At the end of each day, transfer any items remaining on your to do list to the list for tomorrow, take the thoughts or other jobs that need doing from the list on your phone (or notebook) and put these on your to do list, then reprioritise.  Don’t forget to put the job you really want to do the least at the top.  Spending five minutes each day planning will give you a clear head before you sleep, and a clear plan of attack for the next day.

  •  SENSATIONAL - You get a sense of achievement.

Come the end of the day do you sigh and say “I wish I had done that job!”, or sigh “there’s more for tomorrow!"  When you stop procrastinating, start taking action and completing jobs, then you can cross them off the list.  At the end of the day look back at what you have achieved and feel proud, feel successful, feel accomplished.

  •  EXTRA - You become a finisher.

Ever get started on a job then start thinking about it?  You may have concerns or worries, you may need to make tough decisions, you may think it is going to take a lot longer than you thought and you haven’t planned enough, or you just get bored? If this happens, keep going!  Finishing, one job at a time, and not moving on to the next one until it is done, makes you a finisher.  You are someone who does what they say they will, and people can rely on you to deliver. 
Success is open to those who want it, to those who take action, to those who are ready.  Are you ready?  

What are some of the things you do to stop procrastination? I'd love to hear.


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