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The power of growing your digital footprint

The digital world continues to evolve; my 14 year old asked me what a fax was, I have to confess my explanation was basic: "it's when you put a piece of paper in a machine and it goes through the telephone lines to reach its destination". Sounds impressive right? Yet here we are with the hot topic of AI (artificial intelligence) at our doorstep...

How can Artificial Intelligence impact your business and your digital footprint?

Experimental technology and the growth of AI means computers are able to find and analyse YOU, and your BUSINESS activity online. Enter your digital footprint (sharing info online about yourself). A double edged sword maybe?

Imagine all the market analysis data available to businesses, you could learn more information about your ideal customer faster and more accurately than ever before. Goes both ways though right, your customer can find out all about you and your business also.

Your competitors are online, and if you are passive about this you will be missing out!Customers want to know about your business, and they will go online to find out. If you are not online you are missing out! It is a safe bet to make when I say YOUR competitors are online.

Key things customers want to know:

  • Who they are dealing with - online profiles, social, directory listings
  • How competent your business is - reviews and testimonials
  • What your business can offer - informative website
  • How credible your business is - knowledge sharing with blogs, articles, news
  • How you will meet their needs - professional marketing collateral.

Tie these all together and you get:

  • How your business will serve the customer better than the guy down the road:

Make your digital footprint your business story - ensuring you have online profiles, directory listings, a great website and professional looking marketing will put you one step ahead of your COMPETITORS.

Answering these questions, has the potential to grow your digital footprint. On top of that, give a great customer experience so when AI crawls the internet looking for you and your business you are seen in a positive light.If you are not online you cannot be found, there will be no benefits to you now, or in the future if you don't get there.

Scary as it may sound, you need to get online, you need to be asking for reviews and testimonials, because while AI may seem a way off into the future, it is here, NOW, and what better way to start embracing the future than by growing your digital footprint.

Get in touch with OMG Solutions and let's chat about growing your digital footprint today.


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