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How to create opportunities for business growth

Business Growth Opportunities with OMG Solutions

Opportunities don’t happen, you create them

In the good ole days it was enough to create some business cards, send out a flyer and pop an ad in the newspaper... then the people would come. However, in today’s digital world the possibilities for promotion are endless and this can lead to overwhelm and frustration for business owners.

So where do you start?

You need to take stock of where you are currently at and where you’d like to be. Review what you are currently doing to market your business and what tools you have in place, then look at the gap.

Do you have business goals set? If you do, are they still relevant?

If you do not, then go back to the start and look at your why and your future plans.

  • When we don’t have purpose and a plan it is easy to get overwhelmed and then everything ends up in the too hard basket, or

  • We sit, wait, and hope for the next sale, next new client or next request to meet, or

  • We get sucked into spending more money to an expert with a ‘magic bean’ – which more often than not doesn’t grow into the type of plant we are looking for.

That all sounds rather gloomy

And it can be, because when you find yourself in that position how can you possibly be proactively creating leads and sourcing opportunities?

You are running in survival mode, which is at the opposite end to where you need to be to have a thriving business.

Here are some simple ways to promote your business online

  • Create and verify your Google Business Listing – it’s going to help you show up

  • Create a website – it’s a must have for building trust, and credibility

  • Create content – it is a helpful driver for SEO (see more below on content creation)

  • Run Google Ads – this is helpful for more  immediate exposure if you want to show at near the top of search results

  • Social – set up social media pages that are relevant to your business eg. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok etc

  • Online directories – create listings in directories relevant to your industry

  • Submit your site to search engines – ensure a sitemap is submitted to Google, Bing, Yellow/White pages online

  • Create and optimise online directory listings – it is one thing to create a listing but ensure it has a description, logo, photos – and monitor it to ensure accuracy

  • Client reviews – a must – ask for these directly on Google, and share on your website and socials

  • Email marketing is great because people like to stay informed, you can share updates, specials, news directly with people who are interested in you and your business.

Using social media to promote your business

  • A free way to get word out about your business, but you will need to advertise to potentially get any real traction these days

  • Join groups and comment appropriately sharing your knowledge

  • Create your events online – LinkedIn now offers event listings too

  • Run Facebook Live sessions

  • Connect and contribute to others on LinkedIn

  • Upload videos to YouTube (it’s the second biggest search engine after Google), think  educational videos, tutorials, how-tos and more

  • Use #hashtags on Instagram to expand your reach

  • Try an influencer marketing collaboration and create your own brand ambassadors

  • Invest in social media advertising (see first bullet point)

Promoting your business in your community

While a lot of shopping is done online now-a-days, for local businesses community is an important part of their success.

  • Local newspapers are often on the lookout for good news stories, thought leadership pieces or newsworthy updates and events – reach out to share yours

  • Newspaper articles are often put online, so ask for a link back to your own website (good for SEO)

  • Partner with non-competitive businesses to boost your reach, cross promote your services to each others email lists, share stories on social media etc

  • Attend local networking events to share ideas, inspiration, build connections

  • Host or sponsor local events to get your brand out there

  • List your events in online directories like Eventfinda for further reach

  • Advertise locally and offline - yes newspapers, radio and magazines can still have their place to promote your business.

My thoughts on Content Creation

It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race of creating content… that nobody reads.

Just because someone told you that you should post three times a week doesn’t mean you have to. In fact, don’t do this – unless you truly have something to say, save it.

There are so many people out there shouting into the void, creating content that gets scrolled past because so many people are doing the same.

Talk to your current clients and customers, ask what they would like to see when you are sharing content, or if something in particular stood out for them, or they have a problem you could solve. In fact, why not drop me an email (if you've got this far!) and tell me what you'd like to hear about. 

Be true to yourself and what aligns with your values – post what feels right to you when it feels right.

If you do this, you will be consistently average and most likely sharing more meaningful content than your competitors who are either doing nothing at all, or blasting us with content three times a week... that gets scrolled past.

In summary

Granted, a lot of what we do is trial and error when promoting our businesses, but if you have a plan and review it regularly you will begin to see what works for you.

There are many opportunities to promote your business, the key is to go out there and create them. Remember to go and look at what your business goals are, how you are currently meeting them, and where the gap may be. Then begin to tick off the items in the list below and see how many pay off in time.

  1. Create and verify your Google Business Listing

  2. Create a website

  3. Create content

  4. Run Google Ads

  5. Set up business social media pages

  6. Create listings in online directories

  7. Submit your website to search engines

  8. Optimise your directory listings

  9. Ask for client reviews

  10. Create email marketing campaigns

  11. Join groups on social media and comment appropriately

  12. Create listings for your events online

  13. Run Facebook Lives

  14. Connect and contribute to others on LinkedIn

  15. Upload videos to YouTube

  16. Use hashtags on Instagram to expand your reach

  17. Create your own brand ambassadors through influencer marketing

  18. Invest in social media advertising

  19. Approach your local newspapers with a story idea

  20. Partner with non-competitive businesses

  21. Attend local networking events

  22. Host or sponsor local events

  23. Use platforms like Eventfinda

  24. Advertise locally offline

Why not get in touch and we can brainstorm ideas to support your business growth.


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