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Five things to consider before purchasing your domain name

  1. Reflect your brand - select a domain name that aligns with your brand identity and business. Where possible use your business name. Your domain name should give people a clear idea of what your business is about and be relevant to your industry.

  2. Pick the right extension - domains can end in .org, .com, .nz, .kiwi and more... pick the domain extension that best suits your business. For example if you were a not for profit organisation you might choose (if you're in New Zealand).

  3. Keep it short and simple - choose a domain name that is easy to spell, reflects your business (use your business name if appropriate), and memorable. Avoid complex or lengthy names that may be difficult for users to type or remember.

  4. Check availability - before you begin creating any marketing materials make sure the domain name is available to purchase. Use a domain search tool such as Domain Name Commission NZ to check availability and avoid potential trademark conflicts.

  5. Protect your privacy - purchasing privacy protection shields your personal information from public databases, safeguarding you against unwanted solicitations and maintaining your privacy.

BONUS: Make sure you own your domain name - purchase your domain name and include your details in (at least) the admin contact details. Not sure who owns your domain name?, read our helpful article here.

OMG Solutions - 5 things to consider before purchasing your domain name


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